Marsha Marsha Marsha

I had a completely different post all lined up in my busy brain today. I signed on this morning and bam! I couldn’t let this topic go no matter how I tried. Maybe writing about it will erase the mental images..hopefully.

It seems that Maureen McCormick, aka Marsha Brady has written a “tell all” book about her days on The Brady Bunch TV show in the 70s. Come on! Can’t any of my fond childhood memories remain sacred?! First it was Mrs. Brady pulling a Mrs. Robinson with Greg.. eeeewww! Then came the fall of my tweenage crush on Rick Springfield. Turns out he thinks smacking Jessie’s girl around is how to make her “his”. Now floating around out there will be tales of Marsha and Jan doing the “I kissed a girl” thing. And oh BIG surprise people where doing cocaine on set… um it was the 70s people BIG SHOCKER there!

So this family that was so perfect in my 9 year old brain, with the cool ranch style tracked house, the popular kids helping out the dorks, mom and dad still hot for each other, a house maid (lord I wish I had one of those now!) isn’t. Nope it turns out Dad was in the closet. Mom had a thing for her son. The two older daughters where busy questioning their sexuality. Baby Cindy was hitting the hooch. My god what was the house keeper up to? I shutter to think about what the dog did!

Now I haven’t read the book, and don’t have any intent to. I don’t much care what they’ve all done with their lives. What is it with the publishing obsession with the “tell all” genre? Okay, so there is an audience for it. But can I once again just put in my two cents and say with conviction.. eeeewwww!

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