What exactly is the Target there?

With the holidays fast approaching.. and even faster if you go to some stores that ALREADY have out the Christmas decor!!.. I was thinking about applying for a part-time holiday job just to support my shopping habits. Yeah, like I’ve got time for that. I guess I’m falling prey to the ooogie boogie economic news and thinking it might be smart to get some extra income.

Not wanting to drag my rug rats into a store kicking and screaming (could you imagine the internal dialog of the person accepting my application?…”this woman can’t even deal with her screaming brats. What would she do on senior citizen day?”)..So I found one on-line and off I went. Lord it’s hard to recall names and numbers when you’ve been a stay-at-home haus frau for so long! It wasn’t too bad though until I got to the personal questionnaire part.

I was dumb founded! They asked questions like “What percentage of politicians to you believe are honest” and “How satisfied are you with your life” …huh? What business of yours is it? I fail to see how these questions are relevant to my ability to stock cat litter on a shelf!

I still filled out the darn thing. And I might even be crazy enough to work nights and weekends for 90 days. To tell the truth I mostly want the discounts.. ha! Happy Holidays (thought I’d join the retail trend)

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