Stuff It! (my first give away contest)

At the request of the late commers I’m re-posting this… Join in the fun

As promised my first contest is upon us. I’ve always been big on the holiday table thing. I LOVE to cook and think I’m pretty good at it. My family is used to a big ta da for turkey day. This year I’d like to stray from the ‘usual’ fare and put a twist on a traditional thanksgiving dish… Stuffing

Being that I’m in the eat healthier still taste great state of mind, I’d like to see some ideas that pack a big WOW for less than SUPER SIZED fat and calorie values…but I can always fall prey to a good sausage recipe! lol

The winning dish will be featured on our family table, on my blog and the reader who submitted it will get a jump on the holiday shopping season with a $20 Target gift card.

I’ll accept any ideas that don’t include game meats (never acquired a taste for goose liver, very low brow of me huh?). Send your entry to me at I’ll announce the winner on the 25th of November and the gift card will go out that day as well.

Have a happy Thanksgiving

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