Never too sick to post a deal

Hi all.. Well the dreaded Stomach bug (of SITS open letter fame) hit me HARD yesterday. The good news is I lost 5.2 lbs.. the bad news is that happened in 12 hours.. sorry for the visual on that one!

I wanted to thank everyone for the “Stuff it” contest submissions. The contest ends tomorrow and I PROMISE to comment back to everyone who participated along with the BIG WINNER REVEAL.

In the mean time I’m passing on some GREAT SAVINGS news from my cheapie guru, The Amazing Jessica.. Seems that K-Mart offers double coupons up to $2 (WOW) every so often. I’m not a big K-Mart shopper but considering that most double coupon deals stop at $1 this is DOUBLE THAT.. here is the quote from K-Mart themselves.

“The next planned Double Coupon event will be held from 11/30/08 – 12/06/08 and will include all K-mart locations (including Super K) nationwide. “

Go grab some deals!

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