And the winner is….

WOW thanks to everyone who entered my Stuff It contest! There were some GREAT recipes sent in. And BONUS I got even more side dish and dessert ideas too! Thanks to KDLOST, Michelle and ElleBee for those.

I hate that I had to pick one.. how cliche huh? Corny but true. So, teenager drum roll please (yeah mom is ASKING you to bang on those confounded drums)… MoxieMomma is our big winner. She sent in a great, lighter option (in all honesty I’ll probably add pancetta or bacon, I suck huh?), containing apples and pecans.

Let’s all congratulate her.. not on the winning… the woman is getting HITCHED ON THANKSGIVING! Way to make the hubby NEVER forget an anniversary girl! Your Target gift card will be sent as soon as you get back from your island honeymoon.

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