Found something FREE that I soooo needed

Okay, after licking my wounds over not winning that darn Target card from SITS yesterday. I set out upon my daily quest for ways to make and/or save money and time. Just in case you’ve never heard about BzzAgent. It’s a word of mouth advertising company that gives you free stuff for trying out products and services. I haven’t really gotten too much fabu stuff YET.. but I’ve found some neat things and am enjoying myself so far.

BUT.. this post is not about BzzAgent it’s about a service I found in their frog pod. It’s called SpringPad. It’s FREE (I’m all about the free babe) and it sort of works like Outlook for dummies like me. What hooked me was the Christmas Card list. I spend FOREVER writing lists, looking through 4 address books, calling my mom for the SAME addresses I called her about LAST year! This way I enter them, they are stored, I can check off the ones I’ve gotten to and it reminds me of those that I’ve still got to do. Heck, my life with 4 kids, an after school day care, secret shopping, net scouring, cleaning, cooking and blogging of course.. gets out of hand far too often. This is a great way for me to keep tabs on life. I’m gonna explore it more and why don’t you too? Here is the link:

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