The random ads on my blog crack me up

Yeah I’ve got a TON of those adsense ads on my blog. I read something about how you could make money using them… sure in about 12 months I’ll MAYBE have hit their $100 threshold to get paid. But I’d blog money or not anyway. Can I get an Amen from my bloggy girls out there?!

So I was just perusing the blog… wishing I could do the fancy stuff the rest of you do.. buttons, pics, kick butt backgrounds. I’m still stuck in blogspot template kindergarten. Anyway one in particular caught my eye. It is titled “Cat Urine Behavior”

PAUSE for HUH? moment

I’ve had cats (usually in groups of two or more) since I was about four. To my observation cats simply dig a hole in whatever the can find. Hopefully litter, but they aren’t opposed to dirty clothes, or clean for that matter, dirt, house plants and the like. Then they simply let her rip and wha la.. cat pee! Is there really a need to observe it, catalog, analyze, and assign it a behavioral category. I’m just sayin’

Happy Friday All

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