12 days of MOM christmas

(to the tune of 12 days of Christmas, the final chorus…loosely)

For the 12 days of Christmas my lovely family gave to meeeee…

A mile long list of things to do for everybody

60 Christmas cards for ME to fill out (half for people who never return the favor!)

School classroom parties, they know I can’t say no to

Demands for toys that have been sold out since Novemberrrrrr

A house full of decorations to erect (by myself)

10 dozen freakin’ cookies I’m bakin’

A zillion Gifts to buy for everyone (and the cats too)

Parties to drag us all to

Four kids to wrestle into Christmas pictures

Floors to scrub and mop (cuz company’s a commin’)

A menu to attend to (don’t forget the yams… YUCK)

AND one honking big headache to boot!!!!!!!


Ah the holidays.. kids all a glow with wonder. Father puffed up and proud of all he provides.. and my passed out in the corner from sheer exhaustion! I am convinced that the holidays are NOT for women. Nope, we get extra work and the hopes and dreams of everyone for their holiday memories rest on our shoulders to plan and bring to life. All this for the 2.6 seconds it takes my family to turn my beautifully wrapped packages (that I’ve spend DAYS on) into a pile the size of Everest! Oh the joy of the season:-)

Bah MomBug

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