Three days before christmas my darling children gave to me…

A one way trip out of the gym for the day! In vision this scene.. standing on my yoga mat, my head between my legs in the down dog pose (not attractive I realize)…then I see the face of the daycare center girl and she is pointing at ME. The instructor asks her who she is looking for. And in the nice calm room she says “Mrs. DiPaola, her children can’t stay in the daycare center any longer today because they are being mean to the other kids”

I was mortified! Not only did I have to stop in the middle of class, clean up my mats and put on my shoes… I had take the walk of shame out of the class.

It seems #3 and #4 where playing, tag team siblings on the other three kids in the center today. I’ve been a member here for almost a year and this is the first time this has ever happened! And all the center director could say was “It’s probably stress because it’s so close to Christmas. But we just can’t have them bullying around other children”… OMG!!! Needless to say there were no cookies with lunch today and I’m wishing that the Santa email from my last post had an “I know you were naughty little brats” option!

SO I missed my sorely needed 7 minutes of meditation and didn’t get a full work out, now I’m cranky… maybe Santa will bring me some candy cane martinis!

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