Reindeer Food

Tis the night before Christmas
and just like every year
Santa will be fed
but how about his reindeer?

We made food for the reindeer this year. It’s also a fun and magical way to get the kids ready for bed.

We used 1/4 cup of quick oats and an equal amount of wild bird feed. But you could use hamster pellets or maybe granola cereal. The animals in our area will eat just about all of that. And that is the idea. They eat it so when the kids check christmas morning it’s gone (or close to it) and they KNOW the reindeer ate it. Here are the instructions for the kids.

1. on Christmas Eve just before bed open the bag
2. sprinkle the riendeer food on the lawn (where they first park before heading to the roof.. you KNOW they’ll ask that question)
3. Hop into YOUR bed
4. Close your eyes and listen for Santa
5. Repeat your Christmas wish and a prayer for those in need.
6. Fall ASLEEP, reindeer only come when you are sleeping

It’s hoky I know but I LOVE the magic of Christmas for kids!

Merry Christmas to ALL of you

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