F.Y.E NOT for me!!!

Okay I know retailers are hurting this holiday season. I mean you can’t turn on the TV and not hear about how they are expected to have the worst year since sometime in the 60’s. I feel for em. Really… it’s kind of a circle of life thing. They do better if we are doing better and heck I know that WE could be doing better at my house.

That said though, I think I found the BOTTOM feeders in our circle of life.. the amoeba on the back of the ticks that suck the germ invested blood of vermin.. sounds harsh I know but wait until I finish and see if you don’t agree!

#1 (our 15 year old son) hit it big in the cash department on Christmas morning. Heck he ended up netting more than my monthly grocery budget for the whole family. Pause, for thanks to our lovely and generous friends and family. Well he decided that he’d stop boosting his sister’s IPod and buy one for himself. I was happy to tell him he could pick one up for a little over $100 and still have a nice wad of cash to spare. Oh, no he wanted the ultra-megga-loaded-do-hicky Ipod touch (alas the thing will be outdated in about 15 minutes like everything else they come up with). We found just the one he wanted on sale for $224. eeek but heck it was better than the $299 the Apple pushers wanted. So off he went to grab it while we shopped at another store in the mall. Not unexpectedly they were out at the store he went to. So he decided to try F.Y.E.

I think that they should change their name to F(ind)Y(our)E(scape)! My son, in his “gotta have this very minute” mode bought the IPod Touch for $299. And for his super cheap mom that was just about crazy.. only it gets worse!! They told him in order for him to have the privilege of spending top dollar for the darn thing he’d also have to purchase an equally over priced accessory for it. WHAT!!!! I promptly walked him back in to the place to see if this was indeed the case. Imagine my SHOCK when not only the clerk who sold it to him BUT ALSO the store manager told me (in a very snarky tone) that this was corporate policy. It seems that the F.Y.E. theory is that because they are not an Apple store they have to recoup some of their costs by imposing this rule. So you have to PAY them to PAY the highest price arround for Ipods! Funny Walmart and Target sell Ipods and don’t do this, and hum they aren’t looking at going OUT OF BUSINESS!!

So a word to all of you out there looking for after Christmas sales.. STAY AWAY from F.Y.E!!!

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