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I just watched a truly inspirational tear jerker movie. I’m a bit behind on my cinematic time lines.. see I spend most of my time watching things like Kung Fu Panda and WallE… so forgive me but this movie came out last year. It was “The Pursuit of Happiness” a Will Smith flick.

It’s actually a true story about a dad who lived pretty much on the streets with his son after his wife left, so that he could pursue his dream of working at a big finance company as an intern in the hopes of getting the job. After sopping up the tears when it was done. I got to thinking about the examples we set for our children in our pursuit of our dreams. Whether it’s putting all your energy into parenting and letting your dreams go to give them a childhood you didn’t have (or did have). Or if it’s going after that thing you want and putting the daytime care of your children in someone else’s hands. I’m not judging either way, I’ve done both.

What would you do if someone told you, that you could live a dream you had. What dream would it be? How would it effect your life and the lives of your loved ones.

I think that if you asked this man who went on to found his own firm and then sold it for millions of dollars in 2006.. you might be surprised which part of his journey he thought showed his son the best part of the pursuit.

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