The price of doing the right thing

You do know that you out there in the blogosphere are my sounding board for many things. Thanks by the way.

Any-whoooo, here is my issue today (cuz we all know the “issues” abound)…The hubby is down in the Bahamas today. Yep, sans me and the four kiddies. The thing is I can’t be mad at him because I TOLD him to go.. WHA??? You read me right. I told him to use OUR skymiles and go down for three days. Okay so I didn’t say, “darling you work so hard you deserve a vacation all to yourself. So fly away to the Islands for your well earned break” (close my eyes and in vision myself getting through that one without hysterical laughter). No, the deal is his youngest brother was considerate enough to pick DECEMBER 30th to get married IN THE BAHAMAS! Because the economy is great, we are all flush with cash and would just love to drop a few grand for the privilege of attending. geeezzzee man!

When he and his fiance announced this plan we informed them that there was no way that we’d be able to be there. With four kids, one who’s birthday is Dec 11th, and Christmas it just wasn’t something we could afford. No matter, it seems that this was part of the fiance’s master plan. She doesn’t really dig most of my husband’s family and me least of all I’m sure (I won’t go into those details. Let’s just say she isn’t well versed in the art of subtlety). Even with our reservations about the match though I felt bad for my in-laws. The only people representing for them were to be the two of them and my other brother-in-law (his wife couldn’t be there either). So in a moment of selfless kindness I told the hubby to go.

My problem now is I’m feeling VERY jealous that he gets this trip. I know it’s not like he is running free and living it up. But I feel like a hause frau and am resenting that he has more freedom than I do. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a SHAM but sometimes I feel like a shut in. Then he jets off to the Islands, even though I told him to, and I want something for ME.

I realize I’m being a BIG BABY, but how do I stop?

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