My top 10 hopes for a new year

I don’t put much steak in this whole “resolution” thing. Mostly because of my own failures to stay resolute in the past. So now I just make myself a top 10 list (I’m a list junkie by the way). So here are mine, I’d love to see yours too. You never know we might be able to help each other work towards these goals (like you could yell at me when I’m thinking about making um say a CHEESECAKE! he he).

In no particular order here they are:

1. The biggie, I want this every year! I got a good start on it last year and want to double it in 09, preferably before I go home to visit the family this summer. LOOSE weight!

2. Keep hitting the gym AT LEAST 3 times a week, or more. I did fairly good at this last year (if you don’t count the last two weeks of the year).

3. Be a better house keeper.. a pipe dream but a girl can dream.

4. Get a literary agent to represent me… that would TRULY be a dream come true.. well half way to the dream.

5. Have a more positive outlook. I can really get bogged down in negativity and I’d like to avoid that.

6. Finish in the top 300 at this year’s Avon Breast Cancer Walk. I finished last year and that was HUGE and a real joy. This year I’d like to do even better and raise more too!

7. See my son get into the Baltimore School for the Arts. His audition is in February. I can’t do much to make this happen but pray and I’ll do that.

8. Help others more. I think that doing that makes so many things fall into place in life. I honestly believe it is our reason for being here.

9. Hold myself to my plans. I tend to make great plans and schedules and then let them go. Especially date night twice a month with the DH. I did pretty good at that for a few months. Even if it was just dinner upstairs for us while the kiddies did pizza down stairs. It still helped us make us a priority. It was amazing how the tone of life changed just by doing that simple thing. And I always feel better when I follow through.. so I guess “follow through” is really what I’m saying here.

10. Live well. One thing that blogging since October has taught me is that there are so many people out there dealing with huge life altering things. I need to remember to live my life, not complain about being dissatisfied with this or that, don’t let the small things become big, just live the blessed life I’ve been given.

I hope each of you finds 2009 to be a year of joy and peace. That you each remember to live and that we all enjoy the year to come.

Thank you for making the last three months of 2008 truly great for me.

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