It’s love!

I’m one of those people that is kind of hard to buy for. I love clothes but don’t have the build for the clothes I love. I like jewelry but not bulk made, everyone and their cat has it stuff. Cooking is an art and outlet for me but my taste in cookware far exceeds my budget. So my loved ones usually have a hard time getting a wow out of me.

This year after returning a ring, gloves, scarf, hat, pj’s and shirts, I decided to do some after the holidays shopping. Yesterday I took a gift card, a coupon and hope into Bed Bath and Beyond with me. I left with a Scooba floor washing robot. I got a great price (over $100 less usual) and we all know that is a gift in itself for me.

Today, after 24 hours of charging, Zizou (his new name)was brought to life on my kitchen floor. It was love from the first crumb. This guy sweeps, scrubs and rinses my floor.. the robot of my dreams! I’ve spent 40 minutes today just watching him suck up crumbs, scrub out food stains, twirl around the floor making it shine, and then he finds his way back to his own docking port to recharge before hitting my pergo family room. Whatever will I do with all the extra time I’ll have now that I don’t need to scrub on my hands and knees? I’ll hit the yoga program on the Wii fit! A small part of me is a tad concerned that they will link up and overthrow their human masters one night while we are sleeping, but heck I’ll die with a toned core and clean floor!!

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