New Digs for the Nuggets

I’m a lucky girl. Not only am I married to, well the best guy in the world(truly girls stop looking cuz I’ve got him), I have an Ex-hubby who is an honest to God good guy. He is a techno BRAIN and is helping me figure out the whole layout and design thing starting with baby steps (templates). He’s super smart, hard working and hey chicks he is single too!

So please be patient with me as I work out the kinks and try to bring you the best blog I can. I’m missing a few buttons (Barely Domestic Mama’s NEW one is among them, Barely Domestic Mama)

Go check out her super cute contest! She is also the Queen of contests, she knows em all and wins more than HER SHARE too.. ha ha

I should be up an running at full speed soon, my freaking tooth and subsequent oral surgery willing! Hooray for the joys of Valium!

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