You like me.. You really like me!

OR maybe you just like contests.. either way it’s okay. I’ve been FLOORED by the response to The Woo Hoo Box give away. I just wanted to put out there that I will get to each and every one of your blogs and return the comment love. So far it’s been GREAT I love to see how creative and funny you all are.. raises the bar for me!

Last night I added a box of Special K chocolate drizzle 80 calorie bars.. sweet!
I also added 1 Healthy Choice Mixers meal. I actually bought them because I had a great Q (coupon) and it was part of a cash back deal. I didn’t have much faith in the culinary suave of this dish. Was I WRONG! I made one for the hubby’s lunch yesterday (I don’t cook during play off games!). It smelled so good I had to try it. In the words of the immortal (and sometimes annoying) Rachel Ray.. YUMMO!

I’ll be adding to it today as well.. CVS here I come! Stay tuned


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