almost there

Well I’ve gotten to quite a few of you FABU peeps that have commented, chosen to follow my blog, linked up to my contest and paid it forward. I am determined to get to EVERYONE! My mom raised me to be courteous and besides I get hurt feel bads when people don’t respond to my comments. 🙁

If I didn’t have four kids, a house to clean (like that EVER happens!), a hubby to cater to (this is a test to see if he reads my blog), secret shopping, coupon clipping, 3 meals a day to cook, two cats who ignore me, a tortoise who (well he just eats and poops), a writting career to aspire to, laundry to iron, yadda yadda.. Well I’d likely be sitting in a vineyard in Tuscany, sipping vino and NOT blogging … as it is I blog to stay sane.. yes I use a loose definition of the word, leave me alone okay!…and I promise to get to you all as soon as I can. In the mean time don’t tell my mom I haven’t gotten back to you yet.. PLEASE!

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