What’s new in the box today?

I know I said I’d be adding to the box weekly. And I really had the best of intentions to do JUST that. But I can’t help myself. I had no idea how much fun this was going to be. Do I see another obsession creeping up? So today, in honor of those of you snowed in, over, and upon (I hear some of you are looking at EVEN MORE snow) I thought I’d add a touch of summer to the box.

The DH and I attended our first Quarter Auction a while back. It was a hoot. We came quarters in hand and left with just about everything BUT the pizza stone I really wanted. One of the FABU things I got was a bag of goodies from Home Interiors. I must confess at this point that I’m not a huge fan. So there was quite an struggle between my cheapskate instincts and personal taste. In the end the cheap won out, as it usually does. Need proof? It’s in the 10 or so cans of Oust in the basement I just simply couldn’t pass on because they were .20 cents each. So I ended up with several items that aren’t really me, but nice all the same. In that was one cool thing.. I now bestow it upon the lucky Woo Hoo box winner.. one Home Interiors Iced Lemon jar candle.

Don’t forget this Friday the crew will draw a number and crown our pay it forward winner of the Revlon nail polish kit. I’m thinking that if I get super great deals this week I might just do a pay it forward next week too. So send your friends, or hoard all the entries for yourself, I’ve been there ‘evil chuckle’. And stay tuned to the Nuggets you never know what I’ll do next .. whaaa haa haa haa

P.S. Want to know what a Quarter Auction is? Let me know and I’ll whip up a post. It’s a good and fun way to make money or raise money for a cause.

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