Tomorrow I’ll be awarding my first “Pay it Forward” prize. If you entered to win the Woohoo in a box you’re in the running! So stop by and see if you will be the proud recipient of a neetooo pateeto Revlon nail polish set!!

Next week I’ll have a BEYOND FABU guest poster to help answer some of your burning coupon questions AND I’ll be giving away something she’ll mention in her post… are ya on the edge of your seat yet? WHY THE HECK NOT??!!! it’s fun.. try it.. nobody is looking and I won’t tell:-)

OOOH and I haven’t ignored the will of the people. I AM going to do post about becoming a secret shopper.. LIKE ME. I’m just working on getting a PR person from my favorite company to grant us either some swag, advice or just answer any questions I can’t handle. So stay tuned kiddies it looks like we’ll have a busy few weeks of posts.. ahhh I love the smell of blog in the morning (afternoon, late evening, wee small hours of the day.. awe heck ANYTIME!)

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