Our first Pay it Forward WINNER IS…

The kiddies had a blast picking a lucky number and we are all happy to announce that Megan over at InfertalMyrtle is the winner of the cool Revlon nail kit I got for.. well actually in the end CVS paid me to take it out of the store!

She is as too cute and that hair, oy! And girls her hubby kind of looks like Jake Gylenhal (I’m sure I miss spelled that, miss spelling that is my nickname!).. she just got her blog into a three column format and is really proud of herself. Go check her out! Besides it’s good Kharma to send congrats..and the box has yet to find a home. Don’t forget to keep reading. I’m SURE I’ll add some great stuff to the Woo Hoo box this weekend (if I can brave the cold).. AND NEXT FRIDAY I’ll have a guest poster AND another Pay it Forward giveaway.. she is a gold mine when it comes to saving money!

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