An open letter to our new President

Dear President Obama,

We the American People having judged you simply on the content of your character have now entrusted you with our hopes. This yolk, I am sure, will be both an honor and a burden to bare. My hope for you is that you understand in your hands you hold our dreams. That in times of hardship you may find those dreams buoyant enough to hold you up. That you may draw upon their strength when you find yourself at the point of need. In you we see not just the winds of change but a dream realized and the hope of dreams yet to come.

The road ahead will be littered with trials but know that we have faith in you. I take into my heart your call to service and change from within. It is my faith that this call will take seed in the hearts of all Americans, and that we may once again have full pride in our country, our leader and do so in the name of love and the fulfillment of all our aspirations.

This day will stand to show all naysayers that all things are within the grasp of the person who dares dream.

With Pride,

Lara DiPaola
(formerly)U.S. Navy
Aviation Boatswains Mate Third Class
Veteran of Desert Storm
Proud recipient of the National Defense Service Medal

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