What is YOUR apron?

Fun Fun FUN! The Apron Goddess is at it again over at 🙂Apron Goddesses. She is giving away a too cute apron with a great twist.. a pocket for my iPod! I loooove it love it!! Stop by the sponsor site to for a very fun quiz, find out what your apron style is.

Here is mine:

You are a rare gem. The process is as invigorating as the end product. Sure you love, love, love to eat, but you love the details of cooking even more. Sea salt and rare extra virgin olive oils send you into nirvana overload. You cook with whole ingredients and would kill for a batch of the finest freshly picked basil. The love you put into cooking is evident in every delicious bite. Those fresh and rare ingredients lead your friends to exclaim, “I didn’t know pesto could taste like that.” And that my friend is only a small part of the reason you work to achieve culinary artistry. The Cowgirl apron is the perfect metaphor for your spirited adventurous style and refusal to be “fenced” into anything conventional. Consider training in another culinary artist with the Little Buckaroo

I like to think the write up is soooo me..foodie snob I can be. Though I’m not too keen on the apron itself. I’m more into the frilly fun fifties style. Scoot over and find out which one you are.

Thanks Goddess

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