And the winner is…

I cracked up with the great stories! I wish I was rich and could send EVERYONE a copy of the book.. sadly I, like most of the country these days, am NOT! So I was forced to choose just one story. And I have to say that the winner is very deserving.. Anyone who can tell us all about SKINNY DIPPING is a winner in my book! Not that I EVER did that.. no NOT ME.. (halo twinkling, horns working hard to hold it up)

So I give this wonderful book to the funny and equally brave.. Alexis AKA Mom over at Running Away? I’ll help you pack!
Doesn’t the title of her blog alone just crack ya up?

Thanks again for all the entries.. and hey just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you shouldn’t RUN OUT NOW and get the book! I’m telling you, you’ll be glad you did. If you need more incentive than what I’ve already given you.. let’s just say that the author has a private encounter with Mick Jagger (in real life), drives hundreds of miles for a would be booty call only to get dumped, is forced to attend Transcendental Meditation sessions as a child, tries to sell her little brother for silverware, stars in an indy-hippie psychedelic film, fends off friendly lesbian suitors, finds out she IS the marrying type and well… just read it I promise you’ll love it:-)

Always the deal seeker, I just found it on Amazon for less than $5! While you are there reserve the new book due out in March. I’ve already picked up MORE stuff for the Woo Hoo Box giveaway I’m not telling till Sunday though. Also don’t forget that Ellen from Thrifty and Chic Mom is a guest poster on my blog tomorrow (there WILL be a giveaway with that too) and last but NOT least I’ll post all the lurid details of today’s winner’s story on Saturday.

My readers ROCK!

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