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As promised today we have Ellen from Thrifty and Chic Mom to tell us all about how she organizes, stores and transports her coupons. I have to tell you I started using her system three weeks ago and WOW! I was using an old card file and I can’t tell you how many times I missed a coupon (drat!) when I could have saved big time. I also promised that there would be a giveaway with this post. I will give a radom winner one set of the card protectors that she puts her coupons in.. want to know what that is? Read on.. leave a comment to enter, the winner will be announced on Sunday along with the wonderful new additions to the Woo Hoo box!. So without further fuss from me.. I turn this post over to Ellen (don’t forget to stop by her blog, you’ll be glad you did!)…

Hi my name is Ellen and I run a blog called Thrifty & Chic Mom, Lara has generously asked me to share my coupon organization system with you today. I am very excited for this opportunity and hope you like my system as much as I do. Here it is:

I use a leather 3 ring binder ( leather so it is durable). I got this one at Target.

It has an accordion file in the front where I keep the weekly ad of the store I am shopping at. That section rotates based on where I am going, that way the binder doesn’t get any bulkier than it is already. The back has a built in notepad I use for my grocery list and there is a pen holder.

It does not zip shut but I have a cute tote bag that it fits perfectly in. At first it was a bit embarrassing to have a big binder to shop with but with my cute bag and all the money it has saved me I am no longer embarrassed but thrilled with the deals it gets me. ( The bag was $4 at Target!)

Then I have a calculator and a zipper pocket with scissors and a backup pen.

Next I have my categories. Each category begins with a labeled pocket tab. That way I know what section it is and when I am unable to file coupons I can stick them in the appropriate area. Behind each tab are baseball card sleeves. I like these best because they hold 9 coupons per page and I can use front and back. I ordered collector card sleeves from online because they are sturdier and I don’t want to be constantly replacing my pages. This system allows for easy viewing on the go. I tend to group in each slot coupons for the same item and/or company depending on how big the section is, I don’t want it to be too time consuming to file.

My categories are:
Baking Needs
Oral hygiene
Cleaning Products
Paper Products
Household Goods
CVS (store specific coupons and ECB)
Kroger/ Giant Eagle ( store specific coupons)

I also have a separate file that I keep my weekly ads in for reference which I purge each week as I replace the ads with current ones. This file also holds my coupons for restaurants, entertainment, clothing and anything else I have.

I find this system very convenient on the go, child proof and easy to use. It is bulky but I am fine with that. It is not for everyone but hopefully this will help you get an idea of how to file your own coupons. Thanks for letting me share how I organize my coupons, you can find me everyday at Thrifty & Chic Mom please stop by and say Hi!

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