She stripped and it got her a PRIZE!

Okay I’m sort of phoning it in today. SHUT UP, people I’m allowed to do that now and then aren’t I? okay don’t answer that question.

So I promised I’d share the winning story from the Hypocrite and a Giveaway contest, and I am. Alexsis, AKA Mom won the WONDERFUL book “Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress” from my FAVORITE author, the very talented and extremely funny Susan Jane Gilman (go get this book and her new one due out in March, “Undress me in the temple of Heaven” I PROMISE you’ll love her as much as I do!!). I’m simply pasting the winning story into this post.. BUT I encourage you to bug the heck out of Alexis over at Running Away? I’ll help you pack for more details. Mrs. Alexis-bad-girl eludes to more semi-legal acts of wild womanhood.. maybe we can get her to spill the beans!

Here is the winning story: Oh girl juicy stories could be the death of me here in bloggy world. Ok I must think up something. How about the time my girlfriends thought it would be funny to skinny dip in the lake. Mind you my parent’s water front is in front of a major roadway separating the waterfront from their house. Brilliant idea and then we decided that doing handstands and BA passing cars would be hilarious. Yup guess who’s mom came down and hauled her butt up and guess who was the only one who got grounded yet ME!!

Another fun one was throwing parties at my first apartment … LOL every week Sheriff Murphy yes I remember his name to this day! Would stop by each time walk in say hi and then take off. Later we all would go to Sherry’s for Coffee and sit next to his booth. Shhh don’t tell him but I was 6 mo shy of being 21. LOL Oh they days, I won’t tell you about the spoodie that I made and what happened to it or my dryer that some silly guy punished and made it a viewer of the clothes. Oh the days. I must stop now, before you all think I’m nuts.

So that is my post for today.. I will be announcing the coupon post winner tomorrow and BIG teaser I have GREAT additions to the Woo Hoo in a box? giveaway. This is my last weekend for adding so MAKE SURE you’ve entered and also put in your two cents on the “pay it forward” nominations. Want to be teased some more? Well.. lets just say that I’ve added some things from Hallmark, Hershey’s and more!

Have a great Saturday and thanks for hanging out here at the Nuggets!

Oh if you are interested the Author, Susan Jane Gilman has a website too! Here

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