I need a bigger box!

Well as promised I did some retail thievery today.. oh I mean therapy.. (triumphant cackle).. so I’ll just part the witty repartee, and get to the point! I know that’s what you want anyway you big blue meanies!!

Into the box goes…

1 box Pillsbury Fudge brownie mix .. cost .50
1 container Mentos mint gum…FREE
1 travel pack PlaySkool cottony wipes.. cost .25
1 Pouch (SUPER YUMMY) Starkist tuna creations Hickory Smoke flavor, very good honestly I PROMISE..cost .78
2 Hallmark Valentines Day cards… FREE
1 Orbits Mellon fresh gum…FRRREEHEE HEE HEE (oopses channeling a little Jacko there, sorry!)
And for the guy in your life (cuz you know he’s gonna pout if you win the box and there is nothing in it for him) 1 Gillette Men’s Shampoo cost.. better than FREE, CVS paid me $1 to take it out of their store!!

I bet you think I’ve forgotten Friday’s winner of the card file sheets for your coupon binders.. NOPE!

The winner is a military wife (she deserves a woo hoo for that one!) who is also big on being frugal (you do realize that word is only a nice way of saying CHEAP, be cheap own it, love it..make it your friend, ha). Her name is Marin and you can find her over at Frugonomics 101 CONGRATS!

So before I go do dishes.. YUCK.. here are some mini-nuggets about what you’ll find here at THEE Nuggets next week:

I’ll have the AMAZING Jessica as a guest poster. She’ll be sharing the ins and outs of Quarter Auctions.. a great way to raise money for a cause, get some great stuff SUPER cheap, and have a real blast with the girls (or even the boys, I took my DH and he and I had a blast). I’ll also let you into my pantry and share my favorite recipe for red sauce (or tomato sauce to most).. and how to parlay $8 bucks into a gourmet dinner for four or more (we stretch it to 6!). This one even has the Sicilian seal of approval from my Father-in-law who is a REAL Sicilian (immigrated in the early 60’s, total food snob!) and that is saying something. And last but not least will be the next installment Squirrel wars “Squirrel wars III: Fake cats on ice”. Sounds like a big week but it’s missing something huh? Mayhaps a CONTEST? I’ll have to come up with one!

Thanks for making my bloggy life a blast kiddos.. (pink damask cape fluttering behind me).. off to the dishes!!

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