Need some Etsy help!

I’m so lucky that the people who read my blog are UBER creative! Everything from beautiful custom bling to the world’s best coupon organizing system. So I come to you today in search of HELP!! I want to purchase business cards for a new venture I’m working on (more on that later). Instead of good old Staples or some dodgy online place with who knows what in it’s warehouse, I thought I’d support another mom trying to keep that handmade, homespun, handy home maker thing going. You know like maybe Martha Stewart with out the evil or the rap sheet!

So I’m enlisting your help.. I’ve just spent about an hour looking at Etsy stores.. EEEK there are SO MANY wonderful things (in so many price ranges). HELP! Do you, or do any of your friends have an Etsy store that does calling/business cards? If so let me know. I’ll be sure to let the person I buy from know you sent me to them. THANKS!

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