There but for the grace..

I know I’m usually slightly off my rocker, sassy, silly and smart assed. I own that and I’m cool with it. I can even say that it’s one of my most, among many, endearing character flaws.. maybe it’s one of the reasons (besides the obsessive giveaways) that you read or follow my blog. But tonight I just can’t seem to find that quality in me, it’s like the jovial me burned tracks. Have you ever noticed this button on my right sidebar?

I’ve never had the honor of meeting this child. But she has been a big part of every day of my life for the last month or so. I’m not big on talking about my spiritual side, after all it’s mine. But I do pray daily, it’s the last thing my kids and I do before falling asleep. I love the way my youngest (she is 2 just like little Tuesday) knows all the things we pray for/about by heart. Each night I look forward to hearing her pray for “Baby Too-day”. It’s sweet for so many reason, the mispronunciation of Tuesday, the way she says “baby” in her little voice, her tiny hands folded together and because I honestly believe that prayer makes a difference. Who am I to say what form that difference should take? I’d love for each prayer to be answered with joy and happiness. Sadly it doesn’t seem that, that is God’s plan for Tuesday. There will be no more hospitals. No more needles, no dyes, CAT scans, MRIs or chemo side effects. She is at home now, her family by her side, her little body just can’t fight anymore. Yet her mom reports she giggled at the antics of her brothers and her twin sister today. “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion” .. PLEASE take a minute (and a BIG box of Kleenex) and go send her family your love. And PLEASE also pray for them all, even if you aren’t the praying type, give it a try. I suspect that God’s ears perk up when a newbie shows up in the que. If you are a parent, hug your child. If you are a wife or a husband, if you have a significant other, hug each other. Grab your pet(s) and hug them. Call your mom and dad tell them you love them. Honor the bonds of love we all forge. If for only a moment close your eyes and see the brilliant light that exists in the world because of this child. Feel a part of the love brought into this world because of and that will leave it with baby Tuesday. You can reach her parents’ blog through the button in this post or Here

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