I have returned.. bearing gifts, no less!

Morning all..It is Super Bowl Sunday!! ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?!! Well maybe if you are a Steeler or Cardinal fan.. Me, (being a dejected Charger fan) I’m just ready to COOK and see a good game, I’m a total NFL junkie!!! To our friend across the pond, it’s like Euro Cup (Viva Espana!). Only it’s the players in a scrum not the fans.. ha ha. By the way kids the new minion.. I mean follower, we have is all the way over in England.. AND he is a stay at home Dad (and writer).. let’s give him some props for that one eh? Bringing up Charlie what a face on this boy.. too cute!

Now to the gift, that’s what I’d be looking for! he he

Grab yourself a FREE subscription to Woman’s Day magazine Here

Now the site says you have the option to apply for three more but I couldn’t figure out how to do that (my technical handicap rears it’s ugly head once again!).. I was told to be sure you put “blogger” somewhere in the application, I put it in the job title. Now I can tell the hubby to back off that blogging is actually my JOB… think he’ll buy it?

Are you wondering about the outcome of my giveaways.. the wine and the Woo Hoo? I’ve got an event planned for just before kick off.. the kids are beyond excited to pick a winner from the over 400 entries! I’ll do that post first thing tomorrow.. Be sure to stop by because I have a few surprises up my sleeve.. I’ll also announce the wine winner (or winners.. ooh was that a tease?) in the same post.

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