Who won the Woo Hoo? Did You Hoo?

First thanks for being so patient, well SOME of you were! HA! I have to say that I know Randomizer is the “thing” to do, but with four kids to entertain and hours of blogging to justify I just couldn’t do it.. so please welcome your Woo Hoo ticket pickin’ crew…

#’s 2, 3 and 4 sporting the “winning” look.. this is what nearly 400 entries looks like!

#1 as the MC, 2 and 3 lending the cute factor. (dig the jug, the artiste who painted it must be a gifted painter, if not a total artistic genius…I WONDER who it could have been.. he he)

And the whole gang gets in on the premier of the winning number!


Mom2anutball go give her your congrats, and send your hate mail to her not me!HA
The winner’s Blog

But don’t leave yet kids I’ve got MORE news and MORE stuff to giveaway in THIS POST!!

The winner of the Podere DiPaola Cabernet Savingon… is
Jewel Street Designs.. go to her site and congratulate her and REMIND her we ALL are now entitled to her recipe for Slow Cooker Beef and Dumplings! Jewel Street

AND remember back when you put in your entries and I asked for a “pay it forward” nomination? Well I will be sending Nichole at Boyds Crazy Mama a little box-o-the-woo, she was nominated by Cassie at Dabble Dabble Do stop by and tell her she is Fabu for spreading the love.. I’m gonna send her some “Thank You” notes as a Thank You for nominating a friend..

So what did the box end up looking like? I had to take 2 pictures to get everything in and I still missed a few things!!!

And cuz I’m a sucker for fancy schmancy boxes and bows I found a nice box for the loot..

And here is what our “pay it forward” awardee will be getting (minus the box, but I promise to pack it in a fancy way too)…

Wheew! Deep breath.. that’s a whole heck of a lot of cutting, pasting, uploading and babbling! And I still managed to mess it up.. it’s all discombobulated, but it works.

Just one more thing… I’M GONNA DO IT ALL AGAIN!!!!!! YEP, you heard me right kiddos! Starting this weekend, Woo-Hoo part deux begins!! I’ll be posting the rules and details soon… so if you didn’t win this time you can try again.

Thanks for making this and everyday blogging so much fun.

Winners you have until Friday to email me your info or I’ll give your loot to someone else.. neener;D

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