Hearts for Tuesday

My wonderful bloggy friend Tamara over at Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom lives near the Witt family and will be in attendance at Tuesday’s memorial on Saturday. She has decided that she wants to carry our hearts to Tuesday’s family, to be given to them in person. This wonderful lady has cut out paper hearts, just like Tuesday’s mommy put on her and her twin sister Piper’s head when they were very small. Pictures she shared with us hours before she lost her beloved child. Tamara will be printing out our sentiments and putting them into those hearts. I’m at a loss for words about this, it’s just so special, kind and a great way for us to feel like we are there in addition to the virtual Wagie Ride.. the button below will link you to Tamara’s blog were you can participate. THANKS Tamara for giving me the gift of being there in spirit, heart and soul.

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