Lost one, but I’m on the wagon.

I have to admit I knew/feared this day would come. With the first WOO HOO BOX having found it’s home, I’ve lost a follower. It’s silly I know, but it feels so personal. Think I need to get a life maybe?

Even with my feel-bads hurtin’ though I have to do my happy hiney dance
..~~~{{uh huh shake it, shake u hiney, it’s sooo fine-y}}~~~..
I may have lost one but I gained LOTS of great SITStas.. I’m part of the Welcome Wagon at SITS and I’m stoked about it. They are some cool chicks with some fabu blogs! I hope to share some of them with you soon.

Just let me say, to those of you who are sticking around THANKS, I’m honored (honestly). And since you are still hanging out let me tell you about some of the great things coming your way in the posts yet to be…

The Mom-trapanure extraordinaire, Nichole from the single coolest bakery (why didn’t I THINK OF THIS!) EVER!! is going to drag herself out of the kitchen and grant us an interview AND GIVE AWAY one of her cupcakes in a jar, I gained 3 pounds just thinking about it. Go check her out, tell me what flavor you’d dig!

I’ve also been asked to review the new fabric sweeper from

And I’ll have some fun from them to pass along to some of you!

We’ll also get beauty tips from a true beauty and a high level beauty industry insider! Of course I’ll have to give something girlie way with this one.

And lest we forget, this weekend kicks off WOO HOO BOX PART DEUX!

So to the person who dropped me.. too bad so sad see what you’ll be missing. To the rest of ya.. YEAH are we gonna have fun or what?!

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