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I’m SOOO STOKED! I’m gonna have a FABU guest blogger very soon. She is the poop when it comes to beauty tips!! Not only is she Gawhgious her-kick-butt-rocken-self (think Jessica Alba meets Selma Hayek with a bit of Angie in there)… BUT she is also an industry insider. She has worked for fashion greats like Narcisso Rodriguez. Skincare geniuses like Dr. Pericone and Dr. Brandt. If you’ve stopped by a cosmetics counter in a large department store you’ve probably been the beneficiary of the training manuals she has written. She is currently putting her brains, talent and beauty to work at, well let’s just say a world wide “secret” retailer (I don’t know if I have permission to say who)… Oh and if this isn’t enough her hubby is a rock star (for real), she has the world’s cutest puppy baby, she is a devoted step mom and she never told anyone about my face planting in the middle of the street in Manhattan’s chic meat packing district in front of Stella McCartney’s studio at the bumper of a taxi no less(oh wait I didn’t want anyone to know about that! Me and my mouth!)…

So here is what I need from you kiddos.. I’m putting a poll up on the right side bar blatantly sandwiched between my blog button and my sponsor wooing link, always a shameless self promoter! I want you to vote for what advice you’d most like to hear. She’ll then enlighten all of us with a piece on that subject.. and who knows.. could there perhaps be something besides invaluable advice given out? .. ya never know. The poll closes at 5 pm Wednesday the 11th. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get her sage advice to you on Friday.. JUST IN TIME to make you all even HOTTER for Valentine’s day!! VOTE FOR AS MANY AS YOU LIKE

For those of you who are wondering.. Woo Hoo part Deux, rules and entry info will be published along with the first items to hit the box, this SUNDAY..SUNDAY..SUNDAY! So don’t forget to stop by then. TTFN

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