Debut of Woo Hoo Box.. Part Deux


Today is THE day my fellow Nuggetiers! I have made the first additions to the second Woo Hoo box.. What’s a Woo Hoo box? Obviously you are new here if you have to ask.. BUT newbies are welcome too so I’ll give you a quick run through. “Woo Hoo” is my exclamation when I get a great deal. To me a great deal is something under a buck, free or BETTER than free. Yes there is something BETTER than FREE! I have actually walked out of a retailer with my stuff and had them PAY me. I do this by combining sales, coupons, reward points and special promotions.

So what does Woo Hoo mean to you.. hoo (I couldn’t pass that one up, corny I know)? For the month of February, each weekend I’ll put a few items I got as deals or steals while out prowling my local retailers into the box. And since I’m getting a late start I’ll include the first week of March as well. The winner of the first box LOVED what she got (she might even send some pictures). I also picked a “pay it forward” winner. That winner was nominated by another blogger, thus paying forward the good vibes. I also gave a small thank you gift to the entrant that nominated the pay it forward winner.

So now that you’ve got down the history, here are the rules for part DEUX… Leave a comment telling me you want to enter (remember if your profile doesn’t list your email I’ll need that info), that is ONE entry.

Pay it forward, nominate someone you’d like to see win (remember to include their blog or a way to reach them), that is entry TWO.

Follow my blog. That is entry numero THREE.

Pick up my button. Ya got ya entry # FOUR.

IF YOU ALREADY do both…I’m sure you’ll fuss at me reminding me you already LOVE me ENOUGH.. Then I’ll HAVE to go to your blog, grovel and beg forgiveness, see that you follow me AND have my button, then give you entries 3 and 4 in order to win back your love and adoration (at least until the contest is over, ha ha)!

Want to know what’s waiting for ya so far? I picked up:
1 bottle of Excedrin on the go = FREE
A 2 pack of 6 hour Energy Extreme (I LOVE THIS STUFF)= FREE
Some of my famous handmade lavender and goat’s milk soap (I dont’ sell it so winning is the only way to get it!)

Curious to see what all ended up in the hands of the last box winner? Check out the details HERE

The deadline for entry is MONDAY (I’ve extended it!) March 9th at 5:00pm Nugget Time (aka eastern). I’ll announce the winner, OR winners.. big tease there huh? on the 10th in conjunction with the SITS spring fling.. OH FYI I’ll be perusing the blogs of those who enter, cuz…well I’d rather do that then clean house or run errands.. but I might also stumble upon one I really like (maybe they mentioned ME in a post or something, HINT) and I MIGHT just send a random bit O’ the Woo Hoo to YOU too!


(p.s. SORRY I can’t ship outside the U.S. or Canada at the moment, BUT I’m working on it.. submitting my lottery numbers weekly.. he he he)

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