Meet Your Beauty Expert

Well the poll has closed and 40% of you have an exhausting life (big surprise there being that most of you are either moms, trying hard to be a mom or working hard at building a career). AND you’d like to know how to keep it from showing on your face.. ME TOO! Of course I also have huge poors, my DH says I pout all the time, I’m terrified of eye liner and I could NEVER go from blah to babe in less than 5 hours (even with a whole beauty entourage!)… so I’d have been happy no matter what the poll said.

I know you are dying to learn more about your mystery expert. I’ll give you a few details. I’ll let her fill in with the truly juicy stuff.. ha ha.

Her name is Mariana Howard. She has been in the beauty and fashion industry since she was a teenager striking out on her own in no less than Manhattan itself! Her talents are renowned in the industry. She has worked in the development of world wide training programs for high end skin care companies like Doctor Brandt and Doctor Perincone (check Sephora for the price tags on some of those babies, WOW). She is currently working in the Times Square offices of one of the world’s largest retailer’s of women’s undergarments, cosmetics and fragrance. I’ll leave it to her if she’d like to tell you who (it may be a “secret”). She is beautiful inside and out and one of my bestest best friends and I count myself very lucky to be able to say that.

I also know you want to know about her rock star hubby.. so I’ll dish just a bit there too. Let me first say that beyond his amazing talent and the respect and gigs he gets for that he too is truly a great guy and I adore him. I’m honored that my oldest son calls him a mentor and inspiration. If you have a daughter between 8 and 14 I’m sure you’ve heard his drumming skills and maybe even seen his trademark spiky hair in the music video for Avril Lavigne’s hit song “Girlfriend” he as been with her band for the past year and has also joined Gavin Degraw on a world tour.

These two are the perfect combo of cool and cute, kind and honest, and have more talent between them than should be allowed any couple! I’m honored that Mariana will be giving you some INVALUABLE tips. I know you’ll love her. She is already working on her piece and as long as it doesn’t get side tracked by her other obligations, I’ll have it for you Friday.

Oh, by the way.. I’ll be giving one lucky reader a Sephora gift card so they can go pick up some products to help them put her tips to work!

One more teaser.. I’m half way done with tomorrow’s post.. Valentine’s Day edible aphrodisiacs!

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