Thanks to a new Nuggetier, here are some COOL giveaways

I’m still working on that V-day aphrodisiac post… I’m also trying to catch up to welcoming my new followers (or Nuggetiers or minions, whatever works for ya), so if I haven’t gotten to ya yet I’m gettin’ there. I’ve lost two more over night, but eh what ya gonna do? I’m cool with those two jumping ship because I just found a GREAT newbie in the mix… Want her to design you a FREE custom header? Go check out her blog for the super simple pain free way to take her up on her offer/bribe..The Village Peddler

From her blog I found THIS uber cool blog AND fabYOUlous giveaway.. what’s better than cupcakes and FREE couture?!

(cape whipping around in the 60 mile an hour gusts)… I’m off to finish your Post-O-Love… be back soon!

OH and if you haven’t done it yet DON’T FORGET to enter the Woo Hoo part Deux the last winner Mom 2 a Nutball over at Noodles and Nuggetsjust GUSHED this “No need to enter me, I want someone else to win all the great stuff you find!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU again and I love all my stuff!! Whoever wins this time will be super happy, just as I was!! And hopefully they will have a camera, that works!! Good luck everyone!!” about how much she loved her box!

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