And I mean that! My blog readers keep me going even on days (like today) when I’m sick as a dog and exhausted. The blogs I follow and even those I just stop by at from time to time give me laughs, inspiration, and a great excuse for the hours I spend blogging. So thanks to all of you!

Nuf butt kissin’…now on to the fun stuff! First I’ll let you know some of the great stuff that hit the Woo Hoo box (if you haven’t entered yet go Here). I’m stoked to tell ya that I paid less than .99 cents OR MADE money off each item this week!

1 Venus razor starter kit (with two blade cartridges):paid .99
1 box of Celestial Seasonings tea (variety pack):made .10
1 Hersey’s w/Almonds chocolate bar: FREE
1 package L’Oreal age defying facial cleansing cloths: made $2
1 bottle of The Healing Garden Sensual body butter:paid .89

That’s quite a haul huh?

I’m feeling the love, I won a GAWHGIOUS apron from Julia over at
The Apron Goddesses!! I’ll give ya more details soon.. BUT GO CHECK HER OUT NOW!! She is funny as heck and ALWAYS running great giveaways! Feeling that love I’ve just got to pay a bit of it forward. Today I’m giving a shout out to a great blogger who always leaves wonderful warm fuzzy comments… Annie Kelleher who also has several blogs, I’d recommend hitting them ALL! To her I will be sending out a little box o’ love, that will include my “not sold in stores” or anywhere for that matter, handmade 100% organic lavender and vanilla goat’s milk soap. Thanks Annie I really do love your comments.

And BIG BIG BIG thanks to Mariana Howard for our beauty tips post. I got over 175 hits on that post plus tons of comment love. Can we all BEG her to come back with more tips? She doesn’t post often, with the busy life she has BUT you can find her bog Here. I love that so many of you have exhausting lives just like me and hopefully Mrs. Jelly Belly will find her 18th and final concealer with her Sephora gift card!

One last thing, I have to share with you that Tutu’s bliss has made it official for me… I AM A COMMENT QUEEN (see my right sidebar if you don’t believe me!)
Please go read her post Here she really puts wonderful words to how I know many of us mom bloggers feel about other bloggers.

So even though my nose is running a 5K, I’ve got a fever (and not in a good “Ya give me fever” sort of way) and my head is about to explode.. I’ll hang out just one more minute to thank you ALL again for each and every kind word, laugh, comment and entry!

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