Gone but not forgotten

You do realize that you all are AMAZING! I’ve been sick and gotten more check-up comments and emails than calls from the DH checking on me. THANKS! I may have been gone from my blog but I wasn’t forgotten. I’m doing MUCH better! AND I’m working on some FUN stuff. I was just awarded a House Party from South Beach Diet.. don’t know what a House Party is? Check em out Here. I’m hoping for a big in person and cyber turn out. It should be a blast. I’ve also just been told that my Pledge Fabric Sweeper stuff is in the mail.. I’ll get that to you all asap. The response to the Beauty Tips was FAB, and Mariana has agreed to do another post soon, so start thinking about what you’d like her to share with us. The gift card has gone out to the winner and she will be telling us how she put the tips to use. We also have a cupcake in a JAR giveaway and guest post from mom-trapanure extraordinaire Nichole over at Bangerang Bake Shop she is doing a giveaway NOW so check her out and it’s rumored she’ll do ANOTHER one with her guest post.

I’m also working with the WONDERFULLY talented and CHEAP Tamara at Mad Postings of a Cheapskate Mom to get a button done for the launch of Click Fest.. BUT you can get a jump on it now if you want. Just take 30 seconds and click on any ads (google, blogher, etc) you see on your favorite blogs. Together we can build our own bailout! For my part most of the money I make goes into giveaways for MY CEWL AS HECK readers SO CLICK AWAY it’ll pay!!

Thanks again for the support and understanding.. in honor of that I’ve added a FREE Target REUSABLE shopping bag to the Woo Hoo box giveaway… you have no idea how much I ADORE my readers!!!

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