Blank page blues

I’ve got a really bad case of writers block. I haven’t worked on my book for weeks now. No matter what I try I just can’t seem to get more than a page or so out. Then I read it over, hate it and trash it.

Today I think I’ve nailed down the cause!! It seems that I’ve been ignoring my GREAT fortune in this world and the universe MUST be blocking my literary flow so that I’ll pay more attention to my junk mail box. Sure enough, I perused said box this morning, once again avoiding the blank page.. low and behold the evidence sat there staring me dead in the face!

It seems that Victor Udoma, “Foreign Operations Department, (BOA) Bank Of Africa, Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso” wants to give me $6.2! and not only that but Dennis Cole, “a Financial managers of a private loan firm, who grants
loans @ 3 % interests rates with loans ranging from $5000-$100,000,000.00″ wants to give me a deal $1.5 million with NO “intrests”! I was so excited to tell you I just cut and pasted the news here.. I’m sure that any grammatical errors in their messages where simply do to their rushed enthusiasm to get the word to me. But my bloggy friends the grand news doesn’t end there. It seems I’ve been “selecteded” for a free trail of “Oprah’s secret to lasting weight loss. The Acai berry systems of health”. I’m sure that the author of this news consulted Oprah herself, and was made aware that her recent rumored weight gain was just a publicity stunt geared at raising magazine sales. I’ll bet that she assured them that she is still on the “systems”.

I don’t know why I ignore my junk mail box. Had I simply given it the attention it is due I’d never have to write again! I’d be skinny and rich with no interest and a lasting “systems”… books, publishers, rejection, writers block be dammed!

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