Additions to the world famous Woo Hoo box..

Well I’ve been shopping and sorting and also, clicking and cleaning up from kids with colds so I’m just doing a quick run down on SOME of the new stuff that hit the box today. I think I’ll do a post very soon with pictures of the box booty so far. I don’t know about you but I dig the visuals!

Haven’t entered yet, or have no idea what the slightly suggestive Woo Hoo box is? GO check it out Here!

This week (SO FAR) I’ve added:
Olay moisturizing body mousse= paid .69
Throat Care kids ice pops= FREE
Cosmetics wedges= paid .29
Candoo kids hand wash= paid .96

And don’t forget to grab the Click Fest button (seen below). I’m working on a code box to make that a tad bit easier. Just to keep the chickens a clickin’ I’d like to put out there that I’ll be perusing blogs in the next few days or so looking for that button and bestowing some nice little “thanks” surprises on some lucky Click Fest participants. Thanks for joining in the Bloggy Bailout!

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