The follower snatchers!

Like a bad 1950’s B-Movie.. one minute I had 142 followers… 30 seconds later 30 of them disappeared!…(enter spooky music)

I just popped over to support and it looks like a blogosphere epidemic! SOOOO if you were a follower and got deleted I’m sorry (though since you’re not getting my posts I doubt you’ll know this)… Are any of the rest of you having this problem? Do you figure it’s a conspiracy? Maybe the evil invaders of the blogosphere have snatched them and they are all in a cage above a shark invested moat on an abandoned island shaped like an @ symbol.. We’ll have to mount a rescue mission.. somebody go grab 007, Jason Bourne and the X-men. I’m sure Wolverine is nursing a hangover but get his sexy butt out of bed… this is SERIOUS! The fate hundreds of followers blogosphere wide rests in this mission!

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