Why can’t I just blog?

I’m starting to get frustrated with the rest of my life… Why can’t I just blog all day? Well yeah sure the kids can’t feed themselves or do laundry (YET!) and sure I’ve got to clean house, make money, attend to the cats and the hubby wants his time too, gosh it’s hard to be Super Chick.. ha ha. So gang I’m sort of phoning it in again. I’m gathering up all the loot for a class picture titled what’s in the Woo Hoo so far, (don’t forget to enter if you haven’t yet). I’m grabbing stuff to send out to the bloggers who’ve won a bit o’ the Woo Hoo by reading the Nuggets and spreading the love (formerly you know what). OH and I’ve also got GREAT stuff from Pledge to give out to readers! South Beach Diet is also sending me some swag for my readers….so though I’m slacking on the more creative bloggy stuff I’m not totally ignoring my Nuggetiers or my life, it’s a balancing act eh?!

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