It sucks but it is what it is…

Looks like I’m not the only one gang.. a few more got it too! I’ve removed the Click Fest button AND ALL ADSENSE ADS!! I’d encourage you to remove the button if you have it. It’s your choice if you want to stick with Adsense, I’m not bitter (sure). Here is what Adsense says:

“…Encouraging clicks
In order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, publishers may not request that users click the ads on their sites or rely on deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks…”

UM if the ads were clicked on AND people made purchases or participated in what the ad was promoting.. isn’t that a “good experience”? Isn’t that the ENTIRE point??? ARGH!!!!!!! POOH ON YOU ADSENSE!!! I don’t need ya, I blog for my peeps, and acceptance from strangers on the Internet! I guess I can always look at the bright side, I’ve got more space to write.. more space for sponsors with GREAT products WHO WANT ME TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THEM, GREAT stuff to give away and most of all GREAT READERS… YOU ALL ROCK!

Never one to wallow in the negative.. here is a place your clicks DO count and it can add up to some great stuff (not cash but as good as!)My Points Bonus mail Tell em I sent ya! I’ve been with them for about 4 months and already got three gifts cards for CVS, Target and Baja Fresh!!

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