Fit Pitchin’ Friday

Far more genius and gifted bloggers than I have created such events as, “Not Me Monday”, “Make something Monday”, “Tuesday’s Tribute”, “Two Cents Tuesdays”, “Wordless Wednesday”, “Thrifty Thursday”…. I dig reading the creative stuff that is spurred on by these prompts.

As most of you know I learned (AGAIN) the hard lesson yesterday that no good deed goes unpunished. So I’ve decided to launch a new blogging prompt. I’m currently working on the first installment and as soon as my techie guru gets back from VEGAS (bum, didn’t take me!), I’ll be begging her for a button.

Today my fellow Nuggetiers, is declared “Fit Pitchin’ Friday”!!! Vent, get it off your chest, moan, complain, fuss, whine, purge! Start the weekend with a clean slate and smack it to those who have ticked ya off this week!

Check back later today for my rant and get yours up. I’m gonna freakin’ give something away dag nabbit!

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