My First Rant…

So maybe the title of this post is a bit misleading. This isn’t my first rant, BY FAR! I think of ranting as a fine art, much like couture or sculpture one must hone their skills. So I do rant often, just ask the DH, my kids, my mother, the blog Gods, pretty much anyone, HA. BUT today is my first official rant for Fit Pitchin’ Friday! And boy was it hard to narrow down the field!! Thankfully the contestants for this rant lined up around the block like a cattle call audition for American Idol. Yet, just as with Idol (not that I watch past show one with all the nut jobs, don’t hate me but I just can’t bring myself to endure more) there is a stand out today.

My fellow Nuggetiers ask not what you can do for your blog but what your blog can do to help a multinational corporation make more money! I’ll leave it at that for now. Most of you know exactly were the “sense” in the lack of sensibility comes from with regard to the first sentence of this paragraph. I don’t want to bring down the wrath of the web God’s on my lowly little blog. So I’m simply going to abstain from further beating that dead horse. HOWEVER, I do think that all of us, be we the journal type bloggers, talented as if yet published writers, humorists in waiting or the product review set, need to be aware of our roll in the blogosphere and keep an ever watchful eye out for those who would usurp our talents for their own gain. To that effect I’m going to lovingly RIP OFF a fellow blogger… though she has given me permission! Please go and read what the wonderfully witty and wise Em has to say over at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit. And while you are there grab this button (or grab it from here),

courtesy of Donna Mills Diva. Thanks to these great bloggers for letting me coast on some of their talents for this rant.

I’ll be back to my happy-go-nutty self by tomorrow for sure.. CUZ kiddos I’ve got some great stuff FOR YOU! I’m reviewing Pledge’s new Fabric Sweeper and passing on the savings to YOU! I’ll also be adding to the Woo Hoo Box, don’t forget to enter! and coming SOON a review of a FAB company that is not only taking popcorn to new heights it’s committed to No More Naked Popcorn and kids that’s a cause I can get behind!! Go check them out Here!

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