Hair, Hair everywhere!

If you’ve read my bio snippet on the left sidebar you’ll know that in addition to my wonderful husband and four people kids, I have two feline family members.
Today I’m using our biggest baby, and I mean that! He fusses like a 10 month old even though he is 7 years old. He weighs 17 pounds, snores like a lumberjack and growls like a dog when the door bell rings. I give you Don Sonny Corleone DiPaola (or Sonny to his friends)… OH lest I forget and she get all bent, our other baby is Miss Coco Chanel DiPaola (she is camera shy).

Sonny is playing Vannah for us today. I’ve been asked to review the new Fabric Sweeper for pet hair from Pledge.

They tell me that it “…Quickly and effectively removes pet hair from upholstered furniture…”. Since Sonny often finds his way to “nest” on any coat that didn’t make it into the coat closet, I’ve decided to try it out on a coat as well as the furniture. So with the help of Sonny and #1 (my teenage son) I’ve set up my own mommy style scientific testing facility (the dinning room!). First I’ve asked my son to don my black wool pea coat. Sonny is grey and yep, I’m the worst culprit in the not hanging up my coat department.

So here is what we ended up with after the snuggle fest (didn’t Sonny look TOO thrilled with his participation?)

Yick, between cat hair and the hair that seems to be jumping ship from my scalp as I get older (male pattern baldness my BUTT!) my tre chic pea coat is looking shabby not to be confused with shabby-chic. Sadly I have the same issues with my furniture. Here comes the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for pet hair…

I have to say that it is a bit too big for the front of the coat, but then again it was designed to work mostly on upholstered furniture. It did a good job though, as you can see (I only did the section above the second button and under the collar).. see for yourselves…

I also put it to work around the house. It worked great on my dinning room chair seats and on the office chairs. It did a good job on my sofas, club chair and ottoman, though I use slipcovers there and I had to pull them taught to get all the hairs. All-in-all I’m impressed. It works much better than a tape roller or traditional lint brush.

So now I’m going to give you the chance to try it. Do you have pets? Do they have hair? I ask because let’s face it, there are people out there with pets that look like these…

I’m not judging, really.. to each his own!

If you do, tell me about it. Post a picture and blog about your pet(s).. does your cat snore, or your dog watch TV? Do you have a ferret who sleeps in your sock box? Or maybe a wandering Guinea Pig? Link back to this post and I’ll send you a coupon to go get yourself a Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair.. We love em but we shouldn’t have to wear them eh? (I’ve got 6 coupons so hurry up with your post, this is a “While supplies last” offer)

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