What’s in the box babe?

Hey hey fellow Nuggetiers.. I had an AMAZING day shopping today!! I left the house with $50 in my pocket and came back with $52 (cash and as-good-as cash coupons like CVS Extra Care Bucks and Walgreens Register Rewards). What did the retailers GIVE me BESIDES extra money?

4 bottles of Sun Silk shampoos and conditioners (ALL with extras like full sized styling mouse or a purse sized styling spray)
2 boxes of Fig Newtons cookies
2 boxes of Oreo cookies
1 bottle of 100ct Vitamin D caps
1 bottle 100ct 81mg chewable aspirin
3 bottles Men’s Care Vaseline lotion
1 bottle 160ct Centrum Cardio
2 packages NutraTrim weight control gum
2 count pack of Slim Quick Energy Shots
1 box Carnation Instant Breakfast

WOWZA HUH? Well you KNOW I had put some of this in the Woo Hoo Box (enter here). I figure a picture can say it better than I can so here is what is in the box so far!

At this point we are nearing the 300 mark for entries.. good but WE CAN DO BETTER! So put the word out there. I’m not big on the 20 steps to get an entry thing BUT if you feel like doing a post about the give away and linking back here that would be GREAT and get you 5 more entries! Don’t forget to nominate someone for the pay-it-forward Woo Hoo box… I’m hoping to make that one REALLY big this time.. maybe even big enough to include TWO winners! I’ll be running the contest through next weekend. Because Tiffany and Heather (my lovely SITStas extraordinaire) are doing a Spring Fling blogosphere-wide give away day Check the details here!. So the box will find it’s home on the 10th, hurry make sure you’re in the running… who knows what else will end up in that box?!

I plan to post the winners of the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair post tomorrow (I’ll be linking to their pet lovin’ blogs). And just a quick preview of things that I am planning for March….South Beach Diet giveaway along with a fitness expert guest post, so start thing about what you’d like to ask our own Personal Trainer (and cardiac nurse, mom and fitness guru) MJ! I’ll be reviewing and giving away some great products from Kernel Seasons, go check em out and be ready to tell me what you’d most like to try for yourself! I’m also considering a PRADA bag giveaway (let me know how you’d feel about that, I won’t let her go without a good home to go to! this might end up as an April deal). I have a FIRST EDITION of one of the Twilight books to give away in conjunction with the release of the movie to DVD. And hey, if you read about my Adsense trouble and know a vendor who might be looking for cheap, creative, RELIABLE, VALID, advertising space send em my way… The more sponsors I get the MORE I give to the Nuggetiers. Thanks so much for making blogging my latest excuse for not cleaning house!

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