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In keeping with the wonderfully positive note that Tearless Tuesday’s has given me today I’d like to share something more with you, my fellow Nuggetiers. Also in keeping with the general timber of the Nuggets.. YOU COULD WIN something with this one kiddos! My FAB, super savvy, smart and sassy bloggy SITSta Tiffany (of SITS girls fame) has been given the WELL DESERVED honor of joining the panel at Pepridge Farm’s Fishfull Thinking.. Don’t know what that is? YOU SHOULD.. and how about getting a shot at a $100 Target gift card too?!! (BLISSful thinking eh?) Please head over to her personal blog The Family Diaries and see what she has to say. And if you are up to it, maybe a post of your own about Tiffany’s new adventure and giveaway! If you do that link your post back here and I’ll give you an entry to win some cool spring themed recipe cards, double the love it’s Tuesday!

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