The Reasons

I suck, no really I do! I’ve got TONS of stuff to mail out to everyone. If you are expecting a nice bar of handmade (not for sale) 100% organic goat’s milk soap from me.. it ain’t in the mail yet!! SORRY… I can’t seem to remember where I put the emails with your addresses (I know Annie and my mommy of boys with dry skin are expecting it)… SO, please hit me up in email AGAIN.. I promise to get it out this week and I’ll put extra butt kisses in the box for ya! I’m also trying to figure out who all got the Fabric Sweeper coupons, if I sent you an email saying you did..please send me a “you suck woman, get organized!!” email with your mailing info and a big knock on the noggin for me! I’m usually better than this kids.. just ask everyone who HAS gotten something from me!

So I’m sort of doing a self-loathing thing today, feeling bad about lettin’ my Nuggetiers down…avoiding house work as usual by cruising a few blogs, reading about more responsible bloggers than I… when she did it again.

She? Baby Too-daay (as my 2 year old calls her). She is an angel who lived among us for a while, leaving an everlasting impression on my family even though we never met her or any of her family. And today those she left behind remind me that it’s not about getting junk in the mail on time. Or coming up with a funny post, finding sponsors, gathering hundreds of minions (I mean followers), being discovered by a lit agent and becoming the next big thing.. NOPE not even close!

It’s about the things that make a life worth living. My silly, messy, annoying, sweet, wonderful family. I’ve got the best guy around and I still can’t believe he’s loved me for 10 years. I often wonder when he’ll figure out he’s out of my league. My oldest child has so many gifts. He wrote his baby sister a song. He sings it and plays his guitar to put her to sleep almost every night. There aren’t words to describe how my heart swells with that. My oldest daughter turns 10 next week. She is growing far to fast and I just want to hold her and make her slow down for me. My youngest son is my little man. He is empathetic, smart and makes me feel so good every night when he has to kiss my belly before bed. My baby girl is a tornado of fun and silliness, she sings with all her heart (think Joe Cocker!). Today is Tearless Tuesday, in honor of that little Angel who may be gone from this world in body but reminds us all that spirit lives on in each heart that remembers.

Go visit this blog, The Tuesday Fund it’s a memorial to Tuesday’s life and a great way to do something for others, even if that something is just sharing a moment with those you love. Thank you to the Witt family who’s courage to be human, to share, to go on, to fight, to find joy and feel sorrow are all reminders that we all have reasons to be tearless in this life.

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